Acrylic course.

Basic level.

(acrylic nail modeling)

120 USD (
Access: 60 days
Certified master
Alena Bochenko

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You will get in this course:

  • Diploma of education  + electronic diploma (PDF)

  • Support from leading coaches, masters of NailAdvisor and our friendly community

  • Recommendations and help in getting the best job in your city

  • You'll get good ideas from our team on how to find clients and start to get a good income




What will you achieve

after completing this course?

After the course, you will easily create flawless forms, because you will

learn all the secrets of modeling and filing techniques! And that is very essential to know right from the very beginning of your training!


You will learn to work with different types of nail plates, learn the rules and

features and secrets of setting paper forms, technique layout


Who should use this course?

The course is designed for practicing masters, with skills and experience in

nail modeling. Recommended after completing the basic course on nail modeling


  • All about modeling material and tools

  • Features of working with different types of nail beds

  • The standard preparation of the nail bed before modeling

  • The architecture of arched nails "Square", "Salon almonds"

  • Rules for setting forms. The angle of the form

  • Features of setting the forms for a different type of nail bed

  • Perfect Material Layout Technique

  • Step-by-step filing scheme


   • Duration of viewing: 60 days from the date of the webinar



  • Testing on the tips of the material laying out technique

  • Practice on the model with working out the “Square” form

  • Practice on the model with the form "Salon almonds"


Course Tools:

  • Acrylic modeling brush Kinetiks No. 8 or Kodi No. 10;

  • Round brush Brush Roubloff # 1

  • Manicure scissors with curved blades (for cutting shapes)

  • Tongs (to remove cuticles)

  • Orange wooden stick

  • Tips on the ring

  • File 150/180

  • File 180/220

  • Buff 180/240

  • Reverse tweezers (for clamping nails)

  • Metal clothespin 5 pcs (4 - small, 1 - large);

  • Diamond bits "Flame" (red) or (blue);

  • Carbide or ceramic bit (cone) blue;

  • Carbide or ceramic (cone) green;

  • Diamond thin bit green

  • Apparat (with a power of 45 W)

  • LED lamp (48W)


Materials required for the course:


  • Antiseptic

  • Napkins

  • Dehydrator

  • Acid primer

  • Acid-free primer

  • Acrylic Camouflage Powder

  • Monomer

  • Topcoat

  • Paper forms

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