Arched nails modeling.

Basic level.


120 USD (
Access: 60 days
Certified master
Alena Bochenko

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You will get in this course:

  • Diploma of education  + electronic diploma (PDF)

  • Support from leading coaches, masters of NailAdvisor and our friendly community

  • Recommendations and help in getting the best job in your city

  • You'll get good ideas from our team on how to find clients and start to get a good income




What will you achieve

after completing this course?

The program is designed for a powerful start, growth, and development of a novice master. And also for masters with experience who want to improve their professional level and master new techniques of modern arch nail modeling


Who should use this course?

  • After passing and high-quality development of the basic course of a manicure

  • For practicing masters who are fluent in the apparatus;

  • For masters who previously took basic modeling courses nails, but did not work out the acquired knowledge;

  • For masters who already practice modeling in any technique

  • Who wants to learn how to work with other modeling materials (gel or polygel).


  • All about modeling materials and tools

  • Features of working with different types of nail plates

  • The standard preparation of the nail plate before modeling

  • The architecture of arched nails "Square", "Almonds"

  • Form setting rules. The angle of the form

  • Features of setting forms for a different type of nail plate

  • The technique of the calculation of the material (polygel / acrigel)

  • Step-by-step diagram of sawdust of the "Square" form

  • The architecture of arched nails "Salon almonds". Features of the formulation of forms

  • Step-by-step diagram of sawdust form “Salon almonds”

  • Work with gel polishes


   • Duration of viewing: 60 days from the date of the webinar



  • Practice, working out the form: “Square” 

  • Practice, working out the form: “Salon almonds” + design


Course Tools:

  • Gel/Polygel modeling brush # 6 or Gel modeling brush 

  • Polygel brush (with a spatula)

  • Manicure scissors

  • Manicure scissors with curved blades (for cutting shapes) or any old sharp scissors;

  • Reverse tweezers

  • Marking compass (with two needles);

  • Clothespins metal 5 pcs. - (4 - small, 1 - large);

  • Diamond mill "flame" - (red);

  • Silicone polisher

  • Carbide tipped mill (cone) green

  • Thin green cutter


Materials required for the course:


  • Antiseptic

  • Napkins

  • Dehydrator

  • Acid primer

  • Acid-free primer

  • Gel/Polygel camouflage 

  • Sleep solution

  • Topcoat

  • Paper forms

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