Removal of gel polish

50 USD (
Access: 60 days
Certified master
Anna Kantsur

You will get in this course:

  • Support from leading coaches, masters of NailAdvisor and our friendly community

  • Recommendations and help in getting the best job in your city

  • You'll get good ideas from our team on how to find clients and start to get a good income




What will you learn?

  • You can easily remove gel polish from the nails using a hardware

  • Work with natural and artificial nails

  • Feel the pressure of the borer


Who should use this course?

  • Masters who already get a basic level of manicure or nail extension


  • Duration of viewing: 60 days from the date of the webinar

Course content:

  • Gel polish removal from the natural nails

  • Gel polish removal from the artificial nails

Course Tools:

  • Hardware 35k rotations

  • Milling bit ^ corn ^ carbide (ceramic) with a red or blue notch

  • Dust brush

Image by Perry Grone