Combined manicure.

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Access: 60 days
Certified master
Anna Kantsur

You will get in this course:

  • Diploma of education  + electronic diploma (PDF)

  • Support from leading coaches, masters of NailAdvisor and our friendly community

  • Recommendations and help in getting the best job in your city

  • You'll get good ideas from our team on how to find clients and start to get a good income




What will you learn?

  • You will learn the technique of performing manicures with just one bit and cutting tools

  • How to do fast and clean manicure

  • You will understand which kind of processing is suitable for a particular client.

  • You will understand the structure of the nail plate, learn to see where the actual injury is possible, and where you can safely work with tools.

  • In this course, you will not only master the technique of performing the purest manicure with nippers cut or scissors but also learn the basics of machine manicure


Who should use this course?

  • This course is ideal not only for beginners who want to plunge into the world nail aesthetics and try yourself in a new profession, but also for masters with experience, but on and off facing problems with basic knowledge or serious errors in manicure technology and coating.

  • For masters who want to learn how to work with only one bit


  • Duration of viewing: 60 days from the date of the webinar

Course content:

  • The structure of the nail plate/bed

  • Skin  and nail diseases of the hand

  • Hand and nail types of skin

  • Processing of tools, cabinet, and surfaces

  • Starting set of the master + organization of the workplace of the master

  • The theory of combined manicure and analysis of each working stage

  • Theory of performing аппаратный manicure, analysis of each stage

  • Removing the previous coating Filing form of nails

  • Coating with gel polish under the cuticle

  • Alignment with the top



  • Safe removal  of the gel polish

  • preparation of the nail plate for coating

  • Performing a combined manicure

  • Building the right architecture of the nail plate

  • Perfect gel polish application

  • Top coating to achieve perfect flare

Course Tools:


  • Corn bit (red notch) 

  • Diamond bit (red notch)

  • Nippers 

  • Brush for thin lines №1

  • File 180/220

  • Dust brush

  • Wooden stick

  • Pusher

  • Nail hardware with power 35000 rpm

  • LED lamp (48W)

NailAdvisor diploma (nail courses)
Image by Perry Grone